You could be a licensed pistol holder who has the urge to take his weapon around. Equally better still the sense of taste could be making you to look for an appropriate holster to enable you to secure it on your belt. You need the best.

1911 pistol holsters have been of utmost importance if you want to carry around your pistol. In spite of their importance, the presence of different manufacturers, designs and even materials used in making them pose great challenge to many.

In the market, one of the ranges of pistol holsters you need to look at is the 1911 Holster which has earned a reputation for their fit and style. Getting the best 1911 Holsters is however one area which remains a mirage.

Though several pistol holsters are abound, some may not make the cut, while some are just claiming to be the best yet some may be just be above the reach of the average user, because of their availability.

While most clients are at sixes and sevens on what to look for in the best 1911 holsters, you may need to look at the price and the features to arrive at the conclusion we have made here. Some of the best holsters in this category we could identify for you include;

Brief review of 3 best holsters

Galco Combat Master Belt Holster for 1911 5-Inch Colt, Kimber, Para, Springfield

The sight of the Galco Combat Master Belt Holster for 1911 5-Inch is common among the disciplined forces whose use of pistols is a common phenomenon. With its wide approvals which are pegged on the quality and durability, you have one of the best 1911 holsters around.

With double stitched seams on the leather holster, it is one of the holsters with swift draw, better retention thanks to its mold creating a combat master. It is for the combat master that the security forces find it very handy for use with revolvers and smaller pistols.

But that is not all, the use of the industry’s best in making the holster and the fact that the 1911-inch colt standard and the Kinmber, Para and the Springfield features are some of its areas of operation. Unlike most of the holsters of its range, this may not be good for use with larger weapons and at the same time not very cheap, but worth the effort if the best is your concern.


  • Good looking.
  • Ease of carrying and use.
  • It is well fitting.


  • May not suit larger pistols.
  • It is rather pricy.
  • Maintaining the leather material used in making it may be a challenge if you don’t know.

 Blackhawk! SERPA Concealment Holster – Matte Finish

Another of the most outstanding 1911 holsters which anyone with class would need to look at is the range of the Blackhawk holsters. With the revolutionary SEPRA auto lock release which ensures that the pistol is secure, the holster has been rated to be among the most secure.

The reinforced master grip with its superior draw technique with the addition of the belt loop and paddle makes the use of this holster user friendly as well. However, if you digress, you will love the price at which the holster is sold as it is among the cheapest 1911 holsters in the market.


  • Very safe for the user.
  • Good design.
  • Cheaper and pocket friendly.
  • User friendly especially with the grips and non metallic component for quiet carriage.
  • Comes in diverse varieties for ease of choice.
  • Reliable for the purpose of use.


  • Learning its use may take some time.

Condor Tornado Tactical Leg Holster

Fitting design and security are some of the concerns of the majority of pistol holders. That is not the case here as the holster has some of the best features to match the needs of the diverse gun holders.

The adjustable Velcro strap and a fitting magazine pouch will definitely be the center of attraction if the above are your concerns. However, the rubber lining allows the pistol to remain scratch free while in use.

The ability of this holster to be used with pistols with laser or flashlights makes it one of the most ideal companions if you need a holster for use in the dark. Nevertheless, it’s the wide profile of the Condor products in the area of pouch and tactical vest making which has made this to be rated among the best 1911 holsters in the market.


  • It is a High quality holster.
  • Well fitting to the user.
  • Its presence in different sizes allows for diversity in its use.
  • It is Cheap.
  • The manufacture material is good for the looks
  • The nylon is longer lasting.
  • Perfect fit on the belt and ability to expand if need be.


  • The leg straps are at times proving to be cumbersome.
  • The loose clasps are not good on the frame.
  • At times it may prove to be too uncomfortable.
  • It takes time to learn how to use it.

User verdict

Most of those who have used the1911 holsters in the market have always found themselves going for these 3 best. Buying them is something which is recommended as they will eliminate for you the problem of having to carry pistols without concealment.

Because nothing is perfect, the user has the option of checking the other 1911holsters in the market, which may give different versions of safety, features and even price different from what the above have on offer. Going by the level of satisfaction of the best holster users of this category, you are better off with these.


Having looked at diverse holsters in the market, many buys are left with no choice but to buy what comes their way. Most have landed for substandard holsters with grave repercussions to imagine.

Cases of holster users shooting themselves accidentally have been reported. The case of shooting happens because of careless handling, which has minimal chances with these best 1911 holsters. What is also important, especially to those working on tight budgets is the fact that the price of these 3 holsters is pocket friendly.


Rifle optics or guns optics in general are divided into two types of sights: telescopic and reflex. In addition to aiming know-hows (21), understanding your purposes and choosing the most suitable type are the key to increase your aiming accuracy and success rate. Your rifle should store in the best gun safe, it will be preserved in the best way. 

1. Telescopic sights

Telescopic sights, widely known as the scopes, are sights that apply the magnification method to bring the target closer to the shooter and therefore increase the accuracy of the shot. The sight relies on the lens as its objective is to create the closer image. With the first prototype created in the 17th century in order to provide shooters with better aiming accuracy, the scopes continued to evolve as a perfect adjustment and helping hand for the Germans during the World War II’s arms race.

The scopes’ classification can be more complicated based on their magnification power and sizes. An example for it can be a VX*R Patrol 2-3x30mm in which:

  • VX*R Patrol” is the scope’s name
  • “2-3” refers to the magnification power which, in this example, means 2 to the power of 3
  • “30mm” refers to the diameter of the scope.

Telescopic sights


2. Reflex sights

Reflex sighs (or reflector sights), on the other hand, do not bring the target’s image closer to the shooters. Instead, they provide a pinpoint target such as a red laser dot onto the target , a red dot or holographic reticle overlaid on the target. They were designed for a rapid target acquisition and elimination. The reflex sights have proved to be extremely useful in close range sniping, and moving or multiple target engagement. So how do they work? Basically the aiming reticle (either a red dot, circle or holography…) of reflex sights is projected toward the target, then reflected back to the user’s eye.
 Reflex sights
Now, let’s choose the type that will serve you best!
As I mentioned earlier, the usage of both types is pretty obvious in respect of range. A scope is wonderful if you want to increase your accuracy shooting a target from very far away. Scopes are perfect if your purpose is to hit the bull’s eye rather than just the target, and I’m telling you that this will not going to happen with reflex sights; a drawback is that using scopes require a lot of practices together with understandings of eye relief and field of view. Moreover in order to own a high quality scope, you need to invest a quite amount of money.

When it comes to self-defense or close range shooting, using scope will just put you at a disadvantage. Instead a reflex will give you a quick acquisition of the target and also an unlimited field of view. It is smaller in size and weight, which will provide users with better control of it. For beginners, I would recommend using laser sights as they are cheaper and also easier to use. However a problem with laser sights is that sometimes they are really difficult for users to notice in high-light conditions. With other types of reflex sights, you need more experiences in order to have a precise shot. Reflex sights work well within a range of 50 yards (about 46 meters), however the suggested range should be within 25 yards (23 meters).

Telescopic and reflex sights have their own pros and cons, therefore there’s no saying that using a specific type of sights will make you a better shooter. To understand your purpose, improve your knowledge and practice your skills regularly are the keys to achieve precise shots.
In the previous part (32), we have discussed about the first 5 things you need to remember when carry guns on plane. And now I will give you the last 5 things to complete your checklist.

6. Utilize gun case and place ammunition there

The law allows you to just use magazine to wrap your ammo, however I know many TSA agents will give you a hard time with this method. Instead you can put them in a plastic box or just leave them in their original package, then place them in your gun case to save some space and ensure its safe condition. By doing that, you can just walk through the gate with hassle-free.

7. Keep your gun case locked all the way to the ticketing agent

Carrying a gun requires your effort to arrive at the airline counter and tell them you want to declare a gun. Trust me, you will want to say it calmly rather than scream out loud “I HAVE A GUN!”. Then you will be instructed on what to do by the agents and all you have to do now is just follow their instructions. Sometimes they will get the TSA to the counter, otherwise you will be escorted to a TSA checkpoint. Don’t worry about it too much, follow their guides and everything will be fine!

8. Give the process a lot of time

After checking in, you shouldn’t go straight to the gate; instead you should wait in case there is an event the TSA will need you to open your gun case! Again! The process may drain you out, therefore arriving early at the airport when travelling with guns is the key to make it more comfortable.

9. Keep the keys with you

Imagine being requested to open the gun case and having no keys to open it! The TSA is always ready to cut off your padlocks if that ever happens.


10. Prepare for some damages

You are relieved that your gun case have been cleared, however there will be situation in which your locks get cut off or damaged by other TSA agents on the way to the destination. That’s not right of them to do so without a good reason, but believe me, you can do nothing about it! You can think of it as one of the costs for travelling with your gun.
The situation is changed if you lose your gun. In this case, you need to immediately inform your airline and the TSA agents about it and tell them you will report the case to the FBI as this can be considered as firearm theft.

In combat, perhaps no weapon more symbolic, credible and preferred than the legendary shotguns. The simplicity of loading per bullet, the great power of each shot, the strong recoil, and the high damage ability, all of them make a champion that does not fade over time.


Although there are common features like these, but not all shotguns are identical. Just using for a while, you will realize in each fight, this type of gun will have the particularly unique features. Here are 6 of the most typical shotguns in combat history from past to present:

1. Super Shotgun


Despite lacking the simplicity and standard, the Super Shotgun is perfectly supplemented with extremely terrible damage ability. Each bullet is shot out accompanied by a strong injury and along with the powerful bang “WHUMP”, creating a very strong feeling.

2. Winchester Model 1887 Gun

Winchester Model 1887 Gun
We need to emphasize an important point, this list of shotgun focuses on the “satisfaction” when you pull the trigger rather than the effectiveness or strength of each bullet. Combining the propulsion of an elephant with bullet loading movement extremely elegant made a shooting gesture very “gentleman”.

3. SPAS-12 Gun

SPAS-12 Gun

Although this gun itself is rather mediocre, with no outstanding characteristics, but the SPAS-12 impresses because of its impact on the victims. A shot fired with precise angle will blow the enemies away, severe damage, shoves the objects that it hits.

It can say that this is the most ruthless and unwitting monster in this list. SPAS-12 was created entirely for the run-and-kill massacres. It has a high rate of fire, unimaginable shooting distance with a shotgun, but its effectiveness expresses directly through the feeling every time you pull the trigger – the neat bang with a slight echo of metal, followed by the exquisite and precise loading voice with gentle animation on the trigger. It is gun very suitable for gunmen who love the precision, efficiency and high mobility.

4. Sawed-off Gun

 Sawed-off Gun
If the SPAS is a modest, efficient, and accurate gun, in contrast, Sawed-off gun is a genuine aggressive “hooligan”. Being both favored and hated due to the incredibly power at close range, this gun does not give you the feeling of a normal hot weapon when using, but it is a nuclear weapon that transforms everything at 180 degree angle in front of you into steam. With aggressive and uncouth “nature” like that, so it is not hard to understand why Saw-off gun is hated by a lot of its victims.

5. Riot Gun

Riot Gun

Although this gun does not stand out, but it will certainly appease the militants. This gun is also quite powerful, its begin belongs to a gentle and elegant kind, each bullet is shot out of the barrel with one small voice, and has enough shooting area to control the crowd, as well as the accuracy is enough to end the enemy approaching.

6. Striker Gun

Striker Gun
This gun is a true monster with bulky appearance and separate canister round. Each extremely powerful shot makes you feel like you own a portable tank.
Handling a gun(18) is hard enough, yet imagine having to take it on plane! Remember every time you take a flight, you have to go through the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoint at the airport and get all your stuffs and body checked thoroughly (Flying in a private jet may be a whole different story, but let’s not talk about that!). Having said that, travelling on planes with guns is not something you should be worried about, as long as all the rules set by the TSA and by your airlines are carefully followed. And yes, there are two types of rules but they are uniform in most cases.
Below is a list of 10 things you should check in order to ensure your convenience when flying with guns.

1. Get yourself a hard case

A hard case will not only protect your guns, but also prevent others from getting access to your belongings. As the rules state, your gun case must be integrated with either combination locks or, even better, with many holes for robust, heavy duty padlocks of your choice. Remember that using a normal TSA lock is illegal as you will not have all the possession of your gun case and others can still be able to open it. To put it bluntly, many people can get access to your guns easily. TSA locks are not safe and you should understand that once you pass the security check, you are the only one allowing to open your case, even TSA agents can’t have that privilege. What’s more, you can also put other stuffs in your gun cases without violating any rules.
Boyt H16 Double Pistol Hard Case

2. Check your airline’s policies

As I said earlier, the regulations of TSA and your airline in most cases are uniform; however there can be some exceptions. Before purchasing your tickets, you should go through the policies with the airline’s agents to make sure that everything is clear. Get yourself a copy of that policy to avoid any unexpected events!

3. Check the TSA’s policies

Never put your faith in your memory of the policies as they may change without your notice! Having yourself a copy of the policies and show them to the TSA agents if they troubles you even when you have followed their rules. Believe me when I say that not all the agents share the same knowledge of their own policies.

4. Have your gun unloaded and magazine removed

You should do this while you are at home, not at the airport (obviously a person handling a gun in public only leaves bad impression to others). Empty your gun chamber and, if possible, leave your cylinder opened! It’s not mandatory, yet it shows your manners.
gun unloaded

5. Weigh your gun case, ammunition and other hand baggage

The amount of ammunition usually allowed on plane is 11 pounds (approximately 5 kilograms) and carrying a gun case doesn’t mean you are allowed to exceed the free baggage allowance without paying charges. If you are not willing to do so, carefully weighing your gun case and ammunition will let you know how much more you can put in your baggage and save you from extra fees.

What is the machine gun?

The machine gun is an extremely powerful type of gun but it is very difficult to use well.

what is machine gun

what is machine gun

The machine gun, which is also known as the repeater, is a fully automatic rifle. It is capable of firing a long series, mounted on kinds of pedestal, and usually carried on the motor vehicle. The energy to operate the machine gun is taken from the recoil force of bullets or gunpowder gas produced after each shot. Because the gun shoots continuously, the gun barrel has a cooling system by liquid or air. Bullets are added from the loader made from the metal wire or fabric or large canister rounds.

Why we should have at least one machine gun in combat?

You should know that the machine gun is also a group of gun having the largest number of bullet, the highest rate of fire, generally favored by the players excited in the fancy and climax. Currently some machine guns widely introduced are MG3, MG4, M60 and M16A3 LMG. M60 machine gun is something familiar to the new militants. In combat, you can easily see that the machine gun is one of the most preferred firearms because of its large ammo box, high rate of fire, much damage. Of course, beside advantages, there must be downsides. Disadvantages of machine guns are low accuracy and long reload time. Although there are some downsides, machine gun is still very popular. The machine gun is capable of breaking the walls fastest, gives you many advantages of shooting angles. Moreover, the high rate of fire and large damage always give the shooter the feeling that using machine guns to fight in the duel gunfight series is great.
 machine gun in combat
During the campaign, besides the damage, the precision is also focused. So, high-speed shooting and huge damage power of the machine gun are fully honored. The machine guns help you to quickly solve numerous enemy classes, not to spend too much time on reloading continuously.
 gun machine
With the combat having the bigger challenges, as the difficulty of the combat and the strength of the enemy are pushed higher early, the advantages of the machine guns are still promoted, but this time just a little miscarriage can make your combat ended prematurely. Using the machine guns in this case is still the choice having many concurring opinions. But remember to upgrade components and furniture to increase the important secondary index such as: accuracy, fatal rate, and so on.
This article will mention three main types of pistols, those are the USP (Universal Self-Loading Pistol), Glock18 and DE (Desert Eagle). They are three types of pistols used most and offer the highest efficiency in all types of pistols.

1. USP (Universal Self-Loading Pistol)

This is a gun fairly easy to use and selected to put up as first choice by a lot of people. USP has high accuracy, low recoil and high damage ability. Just with 2 USP Headshot bullets, you can beat opponents at close range. It is really a perfect pistol. The issue of the new users is that they do not control the recoil and fire rate of the USP.
USP has the circle of bullet extremely stable and as every type of gun it tends to go up on by the recoil of the gun. However, if having a little attention, you can see the USP bullets go in a straight line from the bottom up but rather less skewed to the side. Thus, at close range, try to shoot at speeds as fast as possible. And when shooting next bullets, should lower crosshair a little. Always try to aim at the heads of opponents.
At average and far distance, shot speed is inversely proportional to the distance. It is important that you have to evaluate with that distance what shooting rate is reasonable. Besides, sitting to shoot helps the circle of bullet more accuracy. Notice when you move, or stand in some locations such as: the stairs, etc, the circle of bullet will go wrong with the crosshair.

2. Glock18

If you know to use properly, Glock18 will be a pistol extremely dangerous, especially at first round when the enemy has no vest-helm.
Maybe Glock18 has no higher damage power at long range and make you feel depressed but in return, Glock18 has the advantages you can’t ignore. You can both run and shoot with high accuracy and let’s rest assured that you have up to 20 bullets in the loader.
Do not be foolish to fight with DE or USP or at long distance, Glock18 is the most dangerous at close range, even super close. At this distance, try to shoot as quickly as possible and you can be assured of the accuracy of Glock18 almost absolute. Let’s quickly take crosshair into the head of enemy.
Burst is a special mode of Glock18 and this is also its difference compared to other types of pistols. You should only use burst glock at close range, or in the slot. Just with 1-2 series of burst into the head, you can kill the enemy quickly.

A way to use Glock18 at Burst mode effectively is that you use “duckjump”. You jump up and sit down when shooting the burst, the circle of bullet will be extremely accurate. Besides when you jump up, the enemy will be harder to hit you.

3. DE (Desert Eagle)

It is the most powerful pistol, capable of defeating the enemy with a single bullet. But its number of bullets is too little and the circle of bullet is unstable due to high recoil.
 DE (Desert Eagle)
Many people think that for DE, shooting usually must have the feeling or fluke. But actually, if you control well the recoil of the gun, DE is extremely dangerous weapons. In combat, sometimes only with DE in hand, your team can be overturned the ball.